Implant Chip Technology


This blog will be about implant chips. An implant chip is "a technology-enabled microchip implanted into the human body." It can be done for many reasons. First, some wealthy mexicans are spending thousands of dollars to implant chips in people in order to find them by satellites in case they are kidnapped. In Great Britain, the Minister of Justice wants to implant chips under the skin of offenders ,so authorities can create more spaces in jails and enforce curfews. Researchers working for the Boston Retinal Implant Project are developing a chip that could bring back the sight of people who suffer from age-related blindness. They also implant chips in patients suffering from Alzheimer's. These chips contain all their medical history(allergies, diagnosis,medications, physicians,recent test results and emergency contact information) so that hospitals can gain access quickly if an emergency occurs. I decided to concentrate on this particular chip called RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) . More specifically, I will write about the RFID chip implanted in humans and its medical use. This microchip is as small as a grain of rice. It contains a 16-digit personal ID number that is associated with your own personal information.This video explains how helpful RFID implants can be.


Definition of Implant chip
Uses of implant chips
Implant chips in case of kidnapping
Implant chips on offenders
Bionic eye
Plans to implant chip on Alzheimer's patients
Video : CNN

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