Disadvantages of RFID technology

Although there are a lot of advantages, some disadvantages remain. Here are some of them.

1- Researchers have found that some mice with chip implants have developped malignant tumors. It is reported that
"A 1998 study in Ridgefield, Conn., of 177 mice reported cancer incidence to be slightly higher than 10 percent _ a result the researchers described as "surprising."
_ A 2006 study in France detected tumors in 4.1 percent of 1,260 microchipped mice. This was one of six studies in which the scientists did not set out to find microchip-induced cancer but noticed the growths incidentally. They were testing compounds on behalf of chemical and pharmaceutical companies; but they ruled out the compounds as the tumors' cause. Because researchers only noted the most obvious tumors, the French study said, "These incidences may therefore slightly underestimate the true occurrence" of cancer.
_ In 1997, a study in Germany found cancers in 1 percent of 4,279 chipped mice. The tumors "are clearly due to the implanted microchips," the authors wrote." (Source: Washington Post:
Chip implants linked to Animal Tumors).
2- RFID implant chips can be dangerous for confidentiality matters. If someone finds a way to get into this system and into the database, very confidential information will be available to anyone.
3- A debate arose about the right of privacy. You cannot be sure of what they are inserting into you when they implant the microchip. The government can have access to anything. Therefore, some people think that it is a breach in the right of privacy agreement.
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