Advantages for Organizations

This technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few reasons why an organization would implement this technology to its employees.

1- It can be used in transport companies such as FedEx and Purolator in order to track where their trucks and drivers are. They already use this technology (RFID tags) to locate packages and track them around the world. Because they do not have to contact every drivers to know if they are on schedule, it saves time and money.

2-Taxi drivers should get RFID implants so that their superiors can track them easily and send the closest driver to a location asked by a client.

3- Some bars already use this chip in Europe, regular clients get an implant and when they come in and have a drink, they don't need money or plastic to pay. They only scan the chip and everything is paid.

4- In some organizations, chips are used by employees to access their workplace and the computer network. Although most of them use a plastic card with a chip, the implanted chip is great when employees lose, forget, or get their ID card stolen. It reduces the price for organizations.

5- Governments can now track convicts, pedophiles and they can regulate restraining orders and those in house arrest.


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